The third facilitated session of our Catalyst Creativity Workshop series drew in a crowd of mostly non-experienced embroiders who showed up for one reason: to learn. It also drew out our first male student of the series and our first retiree. The range of participants shows how embroidery is becoming popular once again, particularly with the help of social media, where many embroidery enthusiasts display their work.

This workshop was led by Olivia S-G of River Birch Threads, who taught basic embroidery skills and explained the difference between embroidery and cross-stitch (and there is a difference).

This workshop really brought out the creative side of all participants, and several people completed their first embroidery within the two hour workshop. With a little guidance, participants were able to create anything they desired: from internet meme-blobs to seagulls to robots.

Despite some nerves at first, the environment quickly became relaxed and participants helped and encouraged each other.

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