Platforms for Creativity

We are building upon Gauntlett’s concept of ‘platforms for creativity’, which can be any kind of tool, environment or event, online or offline, which invites people to step into creative activity.

Inclusive creative spaces

Today the ideas of ‘maker spaces’ and the ‘maker movement’ are well-known. But they often only speak to certain kinds of people. We are researching broader and more diverse ways to include women, minorities, and anyone who doesn’t necessarily feel at home in the current ‘maker’ places.

An Experimental Culture of All Kinds of Things Made by Everybody

The next book by David Gauntlett, forthcoming from Polity Press. How can we rescue a thriving creative culture accessible to all?

Creativity workshop series

In The Catalyst at Ryerson University we have an ongoing workshop series (Wednesdays, 11-1) where participants can try out a different creative practice each week.

Making is Connecting talks and offshoots

The second edition of Making is Connecting was published in 2018. We  deliver talks and workshops on the themes explored in the book.

Artscape collaboration

We are working with Artscape on the development of initiatives to support artists and creators in Ontario.