The Black Mosaic

We worked with Mir Asoh to create The Black Mosaic, a virtual hub for Black creatives in Toronto centring reflection and feedback.

Creativity (book)

The new book by David Gauntlett. A fresh approach to creativity and how individuals can nurture their creative capacities.

Reframing Creativity

SSHRC-funded research project exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the work of independent artists and creators, and developing tools and resources for the future.

Platforms for Creativity

We are building upon our concept of ‘platforms for creativity’, which can be any kind of tool, toy, experience, environment or event, online or offline, which invites people to step into creative activity.

Inclusive creative spaces

Today the ideas of ‘maker spaces’ and the ‘maker movement’ are well-known, but they often only speak to certain kinds of people. We are developing new ways to include female-identifying, non-white and LGBTQ+ people in spaces for creativity.

Collaborations and workshops

We collaborate with organizations, and run events and workshops (including online), to support artists, musicians and creators in Ontario.