What is this?

The Black Mosaic is a free community-based, peer-support project stemming from the Creativity Everything lab. This virtual hub is for Black people in Toronto and surrounding areas to come together and share creative works. Through bi-weekly sessions, we shall talk about, and exchange feedback on projects or ideas we are currently working on or hoping to get started — without the pressure to showcase “finished” work.

How does it work?

Group Support: Through themed Zoom meetings, individuals will have the opportunity to talk about and share works-in-progress, aspirations, and frustrations, in a group setting. This is a great way to connect with other Black creatives in and around Toronto!

One-To-One Support: For those who prefer one-to-one support, they can sign up for a slot to share in a more private setting. 

End Of Season Exhibition: Participants can submit audio, video or JPEG files of works in progress to be compiled in the End of Season Exhibition — which will be a virtual zine.

How do I join?

Register here to be included in the mailing list for the upcoming sessions:

  • Sun. Oct. 18th – Theme: Literary Arts (poetry, short stories, plays, etc.)
  • Sun. Nov. 1st – Theme: Visual Arts (painting, drawing, animation, collage, etc.)
  • Sun. Nov. 15th – Theme: Media, film, photography
  • Sun. Nov. 29th – Theme: Music (vocals, instrumentals, beats, etc.)
  • Sun. Dec. 13th – End of season group art reflection activity (TBD, possibly zine-making)

All sessions are at 3.00pm. A Zoom link will be sent to all participants.

Who leads this?

Mir Asoh, a Black (Cameroonian-Malagasy) multidisciplinary artist who specializes in poetry, collage art and zine making — with the support of the Creativity Everything lab at Ryerson University, led by David Gauntlett.

One Comment

  • Art has always been part of the Black liberation struggle. I am always happy to see these types of community art projects.

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