[David Gauntlett writes:] It looked like maybe the year would end without me releasing any new music. That’s not upsetting news for anyone except me, but, I am me, so it was upsetting.

I only had the one track, Everything or Nothing, that I’d been developing bit-by-bit all year.

But then a week ago, I decided that that one track was quite enough for anybody, and I could throw in an additional ambient rework to make a two-track single. So here it is.

This is my first track to include vocals. Previous tracks had my, er, voice, but this has, like, singing.

That was one of the several psychological hurdles I had to overcome.

Anyway it would be great if you wanted to listen to it. Music is a personal-taste thing, right, so you probably won’t like it. But let’s see. I appreciate you giving it a little moment.

My record label, Unfolding Records, said that Everything or Nothing is “Perfectly produced dance music about seeking connection in anxious times, with the whisper of misty winter forests combined with a crisp pop sensibility”.

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