The Second Expanded Edition of Making is Connecting was published in summer 2018. There is a whole section of David Gauntlett’s website related to the book with additional resources, blog posts, video, etc.

This overview page is here to tell you what it says on the back cover:

‘This updated volume guides us through the twists and turns of a digitally connected society. Whether you’re an artist, teacher, parent, scholar, or just interested in digital media today, this book is essential reading’ — Kylie Peppler, Indiana University

‘Sharp, witty, and passionate – Gauntlett has crafted the most vital manifesto for how we can foster powerful and creative communities’ — Simon Lindgren, Umeå University


The first edition of Making is Connecting struck a chord with crafters, YouTubers, makers, music producers, artists, and coders alike. Gauntlett argues that through making things – online and offline – people want to make their mark, and to make connections.

This shift from a ‘sit-back-and-be-told culture’ to a ‘making-and-doing culture’ means that a vast array of people are exchanging their own ideas, videos, and other creative material online, as well as engaging in real-world crafts, music projects, and hands-on experiences. Drawing on evidence from psychology, politics, philosophy, and economics, Gauntlett shows that this everyday creative engagement is necessary and essential for the happiness and survival of modern societies.

This fully revised second edition includes many new sections, as well as three new chapters on creative processes, do-it-yourself strategies, and platforms for creativity.

David Gauntlett is Canada Research Chair in Creative Innovation and Leadership at Ryerson University, Toronto. He is the author of several books, and has worked with creative organizations including the BBC, Tate, and LEGO.

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