In the Covid-19 pandemic we can’t do face-to-face workshops, but it has turned out that doing talking-and-creating workshops on Zoom actually works quite well.

For the lovely Artscape Launchpad I ran a series called Keys to Creativity, which people seemed to like, and Launchpad have recommissioned me for a new series. Yay!

So this new series, Making It Happen, is a series of weekly online conversations where we focus on how to be more creative, make connections, and get things done. Each one-hour session includes some talk, some workshop exercises and some discussion.

The ideas are relevant to all kinds of creative work, whether art, fashion, music, video games, poetry or whatever you do. And because it’s an online workshop with all kinds of interesting people, we learn from each other.

Anyone anywhere welcome! They are on Fridays at 11am Toronto time, which is 12pm in Rio de Janeiro, 3pm in Ghana, 4pm in UK, 5pm in Germany… or look up the time difference for where you are.

The sessions are:
→ 10 July 2020 – Getting things done
→ 17 July 2020 – Doing it with less
→ 24 July 2020 – Building your networks
→ 14 Aug 2020 – Making inspirations
→ 21 Aug 2020 – Try anything
→ 28 Aug 2020 – Sharing the learning [Register now]

Do join us!

Also take a look at the Artscape Launchpad What’s On page – which includes numerous other great free online workshops!

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