The Creativity Everything Podcast, episode 0 (3 min)

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Hello! I’m Camille Favreau and I’ve always been drawn to other people’s creations. After completing a business degree and working in finance for a few years, I’ve recently decided to experiment with creating things myself. Together with David Gauntlett, we’ve decided to start the Creativity Everything podcast.

In this episode, David and I talk about why. Hope you enjoy it!

David Gauntlett is Canada Research Chair in Creativity at the Faculty of Communication and Design, Ryerson University, Toronto, where he leads the Creativity Everything lab. He is the author of several books, including Making is Connecting (2018). He has worked with a number of the world’s leading creative organisations, including the BBC, Tate, and LEGO.

Presented and directed by Camille Favreau.
Co-produced and music by David Gauntlett. 

Edited by Sam Stermer.

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