We created the Creativity Everything Connection Fellowships program to support brilliant creators in the Toronto area. There are currently seven Fellows and we are highlighting them one-by-one in these profiles.

Pree Rehal is a South Asian artist who runs their interdisciplinary arts practice under the name Sticky Mangos. As they were raised in a homophobic and transphobic household, Pree considers their work an ode their extended youth because they were robbed of their identity as a young person. They consider their work to be love letters to their inner child that reaffirm their queer, disabled, fat, self. 

Their most popular artworks are their watercolour paintings of the fruit lifecycle series. Pree felt motivated to create work inspired by fresh fruit and vegetables because they experienced food insecurity growing up. Other than painting, Pree also embroiders, creates short films, writes, and performs drag. Moving forward with their creative practice, Pree’s dream is to become a self-sustainable artist in the future. 

Pree brings a trauma-informed, disability centered approach to their interactions with the Fellows. They also bring social media management and strategy skills to the Connection Fellowship community. Pree looks forward to the sense of community that occurs when working with other artists.

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