[David Gauntlett writes:] I made the graphic, above, and stuck it on my glass wall, where people would see it, to indicate – this is hopefully self-explanatory (!) – that all of these things that I do are part of the Creativity Everything lab, and all feed into each other.

For example, the course I taught in early 2019, ‘Your Creative Self’ (teaching), led to the idea to offer the Creativity Everything #FreeSchool over two weeks in May (events), and generated ideas for future exploratory work (research & publications) and ways to unlock people’s creativity (books), as well as inspiring a one-day event to be offered through Artscape Launchpad in Toronto (outreach and collaborations). In doing the teaching differently, and offering the unusual free events, and approaching these things as an integrated whole, and exploring through creativity (making things) and sharing widely (online & video), these are all part of rethinking what a university can be and can do (transforming universities). 

All parts of the same thing!

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